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Fast Retailing Group

Fast Retailing Group includes the following fashion brands:

  • Uniqlo;
  • Theory;
  • Helmut Lang;
  • Comptoir des Cottoniers; 
  • Princesse Tam.Tam; and
  • J Brand

Fast Retailing Group’s ethical policies are managed centrally across these brands.  More information about Fast Retailing Group can be found on the company's website.

The information we hold on Fast Retailing Group was last updated on 27 January 2017.   

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1. Ethical code?  -  yes

Fast Retailing Group’s Code of Conduct for Production Partners can be found on the company’s website.  

2. Living wages?  -  no

Fast Retailing Group’s Code of Conduct does not commit to the payment of living wages, only that wages should be paid ‘in compliance with all applicable laws’.  The company’s latest CSR report, Fast Retailing CSR Report 2016 likewise does not refer to the concept of a ‘living wage’.  The report also does not mention any CSR programmes focussing specifically on wages, although Fast Retailing Group did tell us in an email dated 30 May 2012:

‘We have conducted research on this topic [the payment of living wages] and we will continue to monitor this topic.’

3. Factory address list?  -  no

Fast Retailing Group told us in an email dated 30 May 2012:

‘Information related to our supplier factories is confidential, so we are not able to disclose the list of our supplier factories to any external party.’

4. Thorough factory checks?  -  yes

P.21 of Fast Retailing Group’s CSR Report 2016 states:

‘External auditors regularly conduct unannounced on-site inspections of first-tier sewing factories.  The inspections include an initial meeting, tours of the factory and related facilities, such as cafeterias and dormitories, interviews with factory workers, and examination of required documentation.’

P.20 of the same report also states:

‘Sites that require improvement are visited by FR’s CSR sourcing team, which works with the factories to identify and resolve the underlying problems.’

5. Factory check results published?  -  yes

P.21 of Fast Retailing Group’s CSR Report 2016 provides a summary of the company’s latest factory ethical audit results. 


6. Worker complaint procedure?  -  making progress

P.22 of Fast Retailing Group’s CSR Report 2016 states:

‘Also essential to improving working conditions at partner factories is a feedback mechanism that allows employee input to be heard and addressed fairly, without fear of repercussion.  As part of workplace monitoring, FR has begun to assess whether partner factories have an employee hotline (complaints handling system), and how effectively and frequently they are used.’

7. Checks on suppliers of suppliers?  -  yes

P.13 of Fast Retailing Group’s CSR Report 2016 states:

‘In March 2015 we expanded workplace and environmental monitoring to include fabric manufacturers as well as sewing factories.’

8. Reuse or recycle scheme?  -  making progress

Fast Retailing Group has a recycling initiative in place for its UNIQLO and GU brands but not for its other brands.  

Fast Retailing Group’s website states: 

‘We collect, reuse, and recycle UNIQLO and GU branded clothing that our customers no longer need at our UNIQLO and GU stores because we feel that it is our duty to maximize the value of our clothing.’

9. Sustainable cotton?  -  no

Fast Retailing Group’s website and latest CSR report make no mention of the use of sustainable cotton.

10. Eliminating toxic chemicals?  -  yes

P.22 of Fast Retailing Group’s CSR Report 2016 states:

‘In 2013 we committed to completely eliminating emissions of hazardous chemicals from our entire product lifecycle by January 2020.’

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